Tunguska is a ternary virtual machine and system emulator, for more information, consult the about section.


23 Jun -11

Project moved to sourceforge web hosting, as the acc.umu.se address will expire soon.

07 Jan -11

Project is still on ice. My thesis has been eating a lot of time, and will continue to do so in the immediate future.

04 Apr -09

Due to a shortage of time, development has been slow as of late. There are a lot of changes planned, though, to almost all aspects of Tunguska.

Memory image
  • More standard functionality. So far, memory allocation is in the CVS, and disk management (with a file system) is on the way
  • Lots more programs.
  • A major rewrite of the core mathematics is planned, and might be forked into some sort of stand-alone library. Very fast new algorithms have been developed, and will significantly boost the speed of Tunguska.
  • A new GUI based on GTK+ is likely to come. A proof of concept grafting of the Tunguska machine has been successful.
There are still features to implement in 3CC. Among the more important, code-wise, is unions and switch statements.

That is a brief overview of what's going on.

29 Nov -08

Tunguska 0.5 is released! It does as promised include the 3CC compiler, various new instructions for 12 trit manipulation, and some bug fixes.

Oh, and it's ported to windows too.

04 Oct -08

An update on the current status of Tunguska: Tunguska 0.5 should not be all that far off in time, hopefully less than a month away, and it will include 3CC, the experimental C compiler for tunguska. That is, in fact, the main change and focus of the release. There are some minor updates in the machine as well, primarily a few new instructions for doing full word arithmetics.

On the subject of 3CC, expect bugs. It's the initial release, so it's bound to be a lot less stable than the relatively proven machine and assembler.

18 Aug -08

Tunguska 0.4.1 is released!

This release is a bug fix, repairing broken operations CAD, XAX and XAY.

07 Aug -08

Tunguska 0.4 is released!

There isn't that many new features, it's mostly a maturity improvement (as indicated by the version bump). The news is a new %INC instruction in the assembler to include other files, runtime floppy loading/unloading, RTC access through AGDP, and minor speed improvements.

29 Jul -08

Some updates on the status of tunguska. The next release (which will be 0.4 -- no need to keep the excessive amount of zeroes, tunguska isn't alpha any more) is due in a few days. And the C-like language, which whill be called 3c (pronpunced trick), is really coming along well too. It's in a pre-initial release polish and debugging phase. Shouldn't be that far away from a release on the CVS.

05 Jul -08

Tunguska is released. It is a small bug fix release of the 0.0.3 branch of tunguska. There is no new fancy features in this version, it is purely maintenance. There was a small 1 byte buffer overflow that caused random crashes on some newer systems.

If you experienced crashes with messages about "malloc() memory corruption" followed by four screens of debug information, these should be gone with the new release.

New fancy features are still to come, but they will be in the 0.0.4.x branch, at least a few weeks away.

06 Jun -08

A small update: Progress has been slow the last few months, mainly due to lack of time. Time is now in abundance, so expect the wheels to start turning again. There will probably be a new release of Tunguska sometime this summer, and possibly also a release of the compiler for the cross-system (host->tunguska) C-like programming language.

The news--for now--in the CVS are: Assembler support for include directives, a RTC and some partially implemented floppy disk enhancements.

28 Mar -08

Tunguska released, it fixes a small bug in vector mode: If you see a gray line from origin to somewhere on the screen, you're affected. (The bug is a nuisance at most.)

27 Mar -08

Tunguska 0.0.3 released!

... with a new, brighter interface, a new peripheral AGDP (Auxiliary General Data Processor), which does floating point arithmetics and block operations at a mind blowing speed (compared to doing it the manual way), the assembler is less of a nazi about cases and has a few new tricks up it's sleeve, finally, there's several new instructions for improved debugging, address comparison and atomic swapping.

Oh, yeah, and bug fixes. Lots and lots of bug fixes.

29 Feb -08

Tunguska 0.0.2 is released!

24 Feb -08

A lot of stuff has been going on in CVS lately. Besides the stuff listed below, there's raster graphics, mouse support, zlib compression of output, a floppydisk-like permanent storage device, a motherload of bugfixes, etc. Alpha 2 shouldn't terribly far off into the future.

07 Feb -08

Some stuff to expect for alpha version 2:

To be released within a timespan of weeks.

02 Feb -08

Released alpha version 1.

27 Jan -08

Page went online.

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