Available for GNU/Linux and FreeBSD (as of 0.0.3), and MS Windows (as of 0.5). With some sleight of hand, it is possible to get it running on other systems as well...

Requires SDL, zlib, bison and flex to build properly.


Latest release [0.5] (Nov 29, 2008), as well as some earlier releases
On sourceforge
Alpha release 1 (Feb 2, 2008)


If you want access to the very state of the art untested sources, anonymous CVS access is available via the tunguska's sourceforge page.

Programs for tunguska

Besides the code for a small "operating system" / standard library that ships with tunguska in the memory_image subdirectory of the package (read memory_image/README for more information), here are some files that can be assembled into images that can be loaded with the virtual floppy disk system, using the LOADSUB command at the prompt. See the quick guide in the manual for how to do it.

Pongish - a small unbeatable pong clone
pong.asm (0.0.2 and later)
Ant colony - several colored random walks simulate ants building a nest
ants.asm (0.0.3 and later)
Snow simulator, ... a bit broken graphically
snow.asm (0.0.3 and later)

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